What Are the Benefits of Installing a Linear Shower Drainage?

Many homeowners looking for shower drainage solutions are choosing to install linear shower drainage systems. Initially, linear drains were only popular in commercial settings because their application was limited. Things have changed today, and property owners use them for residential projects since the products are now available in the market. 

Unlike the traditional drain, linear drains are long and rectangular in shape and will be flush with the bathroom files after installation. So, why should you consider installing a linear drain in your bathroom? Some of the benefits you'll enjoy are outlined below.

1. They come in various forms and sizes

Everyone desires to have a well-designed bathroom space. One of the first things that will come to your mind as you search for bathroom fittings is the style. Linear drains come in various styles and finishes so you should find something that suits your preferences. Some drains are meant to stand out while others are intended to become virtually invisible after the installation. 

Also, the sizes of the drains vary, so you get to choose the size that suits your requirements. You can choose to have the lengths placed along the shorter or longer bathroom wall. Linear drains also come in various materials such as stainless steel, structural plastic, polymer concrete, and fibreglass, so choose wisely.

2. The installation process isn't difficult

If you have ever tried installing tiles or other similar fixtures in your home or watched someone do it, you know such tasks require much time. However, this is a challenge you will not face when fitting in your linear drains. So, how is the installation done? First, you will need to ensure the shower floor is slanting towards one direction—where the linear drain will be installed. 

This varies from the centre drains whereby the floor slope has to be tilted in four ways as you move towards the drain. There are other aspects that the plumber needs to consider while installing the drain but all in all; the process will not take long once the floor is set up.

3. They can increase safety 

Another benefit that's associated with linear drains is increased safety. This is attributed to the flush installation, which minimises the probability of tripping and falling. So, if you live with seniors or have young children, you will be at peace because you know their safety is guaranteed. Even maintenance will be easier, which will reduce tripping cases while cleaning the bathroom.

Learn more about these and other perks by contacting local plumbers