Common Shower Problems and How They can be Repaired

In any commercial property, the proper functioning of facilities is essential. It reflects positively on your employees and customers to have the public amenities within the building functioning property. And when these facilities break down, it can negatively affect your company image in a short amount of time.

If you maintain showers on your premises, there are certain things that can go wrong with how they operate. Being aware of common shower problems can enable you to respond to issues quickly by calling commercial plumbing services to fix the problem. Some common issues with showers include:

Blocked showerheads

Customers or employees may begin to notice that various showerheads are not spraying water like they used to. The pressure may be low, or the showerhead may have become loose within the wall. In many cases, lime deposits in the water supply may be blocking the showerhead from spraying enough water.

A commercial plumber can either unclog the existing showerhead or replace it altogether. They will typically use locking-jaw pliers and pipe wrenches to unhook the showerhead from its position and inspect it. Removing the showerhead looks easier than it actually is. The head needs to be removed without the shower arm itself turning. The pipe threads of the shower arm also need to be carefully wrapped as it is being serviced.

If unclogging is necessary, commercial plumbing services will use special chemicals to dissolve the lime deposits so that water can flow freely through the holes of the showerhead.

Leaks in the shower pan

Over time, you may begin to experience leaks around the shower pan. This could be due to poor drainage or blocked drains underneath. The flooring around the shower pan could also be loose as a result of the leaking water. If you notice shower pan leaks, contact a commercial plumbing company as soon as possible.

A blocked drain can become worse pretty quickly, especially in areas of high traffic, such as commercial buildings. A commercial plumber can inspect drainage pipes and identify any potential blockages. Using a variety of techniques, the blockages can be addressed by the plumber in a timely manner.

Shower not producing hot water

You may also find that the showerheads are not producing hot water when needed. This could be due to pressure imbalances between the hot and cold water supply. A commercial plumber may need to install or replace and existing pressure-balancing valve to make sure that the supply is adequately balanced. The valve will ensure hot water is supplied any time the hot water faucet is opened, and vice versa.