Main Factors to Consider When Replacing Your Home Hot Water System

Is it time to replace your domestic hot water system? All water heaters have a life expectancy, which may increase or decrease depending on various factors, such as the type of water heater you have, its design and location, quality of installation, how well it is maintained, water quality and more.

You have two main approaches to replacing your current water heater. If it has served you well throughout its lifespan, consider replacing it with a water heater of the same type, size, model or brand.

But if your water heating situation and needs have changed drastically over time, you should ask yourself the following questions before choosing your next hot water system. 

Is it time to upgrade your water heater capacity? 

Has your household water consumption patterns changed? If you require more hot water to accommodate extra showers in your household, you will have to upgrade to a larger capacity unit. 

If the number of people living in your house has reduced and the remaining inhabitants do not take multiple hot showers daily, you may settle for a smaller capacity unit.

Should you switch to a different type of water heater?

If it is not possible to fit a water heater tank with adequate capacity into the space occupied by your current tank, you should consider switching to a tankless model.

Unlike traditional storage water heaters, tankless versions do use a tank as they provide hot water on demand. If you want to retain your hot water tank, consider picking a different spot for the proper placement of the new tank.  

What kind of fuel is right for you?

Water heaters use different fuel sources to heat water. Replacing your current water heater is an opportunity to switch one fuel type for another. 

For example, you may ditch your gas or electric water heater for a solar-powered unit to take advantage of free solar power and solar rebates available to homeowners in your local area. With gas tending to be less expensive than electricity, it may make sense to switch from an electric water heater to a gas-powered version to reduce your monthly hot water bills.

If you have seen the signs your water heater is on its last legs, don't wait until it fails to shop around for its replacement. Begin researching your options early to increase your chance of choosing the best water heater for your domestic needs.

Contact a plumber to learn more about hot water system replacements