Leaking Shower Repairs: The Steps Involved

For any house to be considered habitable, it must have a working water and sewerage system. Such a system ensures a continuous flow of clean water into the house and the safe disposal of dirty water. As many appliances use water within a building, breakdown or blocking of some parts should be expected once in a while. One of the most commonly experienced plumbing breakdowns involves shower faucets.

When the need for leaking shower repairs arises, you need to know the steps to go about fixing it. If you intend to Do-It-Yourself, you will need more than just duct tape to have a successful repair. There are meticulous steps to be taken to carrying out such a fix. These steps are as follows;

Analyse the Faucet/Valve.

The most common cause of a shower leak is a faulty valve or faucet. It can cause you huge losses, especially when the leak is from the hot water system. Such a fault would translate to both water and energy losses as the water heater would work extra to make up for hot water lost. With any water leak too, a quick repair is key as it will prevent extensive water damage. Such promptness ensures repair & restoration works cost less as further damage is averted.

Figure Out the Problem

A dripping shower head can be due to different causes. Such leaks can be due to either blockages, rusty parts or broken seals. The rubber rings – gaskets – in-between the movable metal parts will also wear down with time and start leaking. As a precaution, therefore, be advised to not tighten the valve excessively.

Repair What's Broken

From the onset, be advised to call a professional if extensive repair works are needed and such are beyond your skill set. Should you choose to proceed with the leaking shower repair, it's always a good decision to lay rags on your shower floor before you begin. The rug helps prevent any of the faucet's parts from falling down the drain. You should also cut off the bathroom water supply before you commence repair works. Once this is done, you can proceed to remove the shower faucet and fix or replace its broken parts.

Should you realise your shower is leaking, you need not panic. Most problems leading to a leak are easy and cheap to fix. By simply analysing the leak carefully to identify the cause you can determine the path to repair & restoration. For more information, contact a residential plumber.