Is Your Drain Constantly Clogging Up? Consider These Tips

Most blocked drains occur only once in a while on a particular drainage system. They often arise as a result of draining materials that can cause blockage to the pipes. There are several ways in which blocked drains are cleared, and a successful clearing process should leave the drain fully functional for a long time to come.

However, there are some pipes and drainage systems that seem to get clogged every other day. These drains often tend to block after only a few hours of use, and the blockages recur every few days. It you have such a drain, this article will explore some of the reasons why as well as strategies for fixing the problem.

Using a drum auger

In some cases, a blocked drain can occur beyond the trap of the drainage system. This makes the clogging harder to identify, and the blocking materials harder to reach. This is because materials are further down the pipe and require more complex processes to unblock the drain. These deep blockages are a common cause for recurrence of blocked drains.

To resolve such a problem, plumbers often use a drum auger to access difficult to reach sections of the pipe. The drum auger is attached to a disc-like surface that allows the auger to penetrate deeply into the pipe, even past the trap.

Checking the vents

It is important to ensure that your vents have the proper passageway for your drainage system and that they aren't plugged. If the vents are plugged, the drainage system can lose its airtight operational mechanism and end up running very slowly. This is a common cause for frequently blocked drains. It could be that the current passageways are not operating efficiently enough to allow for water and other items to drain.

Unclogging common drains

Another regular problem that homeowners experience is water from one fixture coming out from another fixture. For example, you may notice that water from the washer is coming out of the shower drains and into the bathtub.

With such blocked drains, the cause is often beyond where those two drains meet. This means that you have to get deep within the pipe to get an idea of what is causing the blockage. Plumbers can achieve this by either removing a toilet to reach the source of the block, or removing the traps to be able to reach further down the drain.