Hot Water Service for Caravans for Cold Weather Living

When you buy a caravan that you will be using for cold weather living, several services need to be checked. One of the leading services to have checked is your hot water service. If you have not had the hot water services in the caravan checked and upgraded, you could be in for a very long and cold winter living situation. Here are a few of the hot water services you should have checked or upgraded on your caravan if you plan on being in colder winter weather or severe winter temperature conditions.

Hot Water Tank Valves

Depending on the size of your caravan, you will have a hot water heater and reserve tank. These tanks generally have valves that connect to the plumbing and shut-off system. Your plumber's hot water service can step in and make sure that the valves and hot water service are working properly and up to code. They can check for leaks and possible weaknesses in the plumbing, and help make those corrections for you easily. They can also check the hot water holding tank for issues as well to avoid a tank explosion or problem while traveling.

Tankless System Upgrade

If you are moving to a long-term living situation with your caravan, especially for winter months, you may need all the storage you can get. One way to increase the storage in your caravan and still have the hot water service you need is to go with a tankless system upgrade. The tankless system does not require the hot water tank. It only requires a water tank supply. By moving to this water tank supply system and removing the second hot water heater tank, you can free up a large amount of space. You can also reduce the energy costs, since the tankless system will heat the water as it is used rather than heating it and storing it until it is ready for use.

Solar Water Heating

The truth is, if you are living in a caravan during the winter months, hot water is a necessity. You may not always be able to get to a caravan site with the electric you would need for the hot water services you have on the caravan. One way to combat this is to have a solar water heating system installed. The solar system can work throughout the winter and help you eliminate the need for electric hookups when you are traveling. 

These are just a few of the hot weather services you should have checked and upgraded in your caravan. If you plan on long term winter weather caravan living, contact your local plumber today. Make sure they have experience with caravan systems and schedule an appointment. The plumber can give suggestions, make upgrades, and help you create a hot water system that works best for your caravan and living needs.