Innovative Plumbing Solutions That Professional Plumbers Offer

Today, home automation has become so pervasive that you can accomplish simple tasks, such as closing your front or garage door, by touching a button. It can be attributed to the proliferation of smart technology in building design and construction. Notably, the plumbing industry has taken notice of the advancements. Consequently, professional plumbers are using smart technology to improve plumbing services for homeowners. This article highlights innovative plumbing services to request from a plumber. 

Leak Detectors 

This is perhaps the most crucial smart plumbing technology for any homeowner since water leaks can cause expensive damage to a property. For instance, a 2019 study revealed a 72% rise in water leak-related claims on residential properties between 2014 and 2019. It can be attributed to the fact that many property owners focus on fire and burglary and less on leaks. Unfortunately, such homeowners do not know the consequences -- repair costs and mould growth -- associated with water leaks. Thus, it is advisable to ask your plumber to install leak detectors at strategic locations around your home's plumbing system. The sensors alert you if there is a leak anywhere along the pipes, ensuring speedy repairs. Notably, some advanced leak detectors pinpoint, with precision, the exact location of a water leak.

LED Temperature Monitors 

If you have children in the house, you understand how challenging it is to set the proper water temperature for their bath. You must keep touching water every time the kids want to shower to prevent unintended burns. Moreover, children must rely on an adult to set the right temperature for their baths, making them less independent. LED temperature monitors are smart devices that take the guesswork out of reading water temperature. Once installed by a plumber, you simply turn on the faucet and watch the LED screen since it prompts you when the desired temperature has been reached. Besides, you can teach your children to read the LED temperature monitor. 

Smart Irrigation System 

An irrigation system that activates on a rainy or sunny day can be annoying. For instance, a sprinkler system that turns on when it is raining will overwater and soak your yard. Fortunately, a plumber can help you install a smart sprinkler system that monitors the weather and soil conditions before activation. The function saves water, reduces your utility bills and protects your home in some cases. For example, a homeowner away on vacation can set a smart sprinkler system to turn on at intervals. Moreover, it creates the perception that you are around, keeping burglars at bay.   

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