Are You Making the Most from Your Evaporative Cooler?

Many people choose to buy an evaporative cooler to help save money on electricity bills and deal with that ever-present heat at home. This type of cooler can be a lot more cost-effective than the traditional air conditioning unit, as it uses a natural process of evaporation to help cool the air. However, some people may have been running into some problems and be not quite as happy with their swamp cooler as they were originally. [Read More]

5 Signs You Need to Hire a Plumber for Sewer Line Repair

When you are having plumbing problems, the cause could be a clog in the drain. But if you try various drain cleaning techniques and it still doesn't work, the issue could be severe. This means you need to contact a residential plumbing repair service to repair or replace your sewer line. So, how do you ensure that your plumbing issues don't become severe? Knowing the signs that your sewer line needs repair is key. [Read More]

Garden Sprinkler Problems: Why Has Your Rain Sensor Stopped Working?

When you had your irrigation sprinkler system installed, you may have added a rain sensor to the sprinkler. These sensors are a handy way to save water and avoid over-watering your lawn.  Rain sensors are really useful if you have automatic settings on your system and you aren't around to turn things off in rainy weather. Without a rain sensor, the sprinkler will carry on watering even in a downpour; a sensor simply does the sensible thing and shuts the system down until the rain stops. [Read More]

Hot Water Service for Caravans for Cold Weather Living

When you buy a caravan that you will be using for cold weather living, several services need to be checked. One of the leading services to have checked is your hot water service. If you have not had the hot water services in the caravan checked and upgraded, you could be in for a very long and cold winter living situation. Here are a few of the hot water services you should have checked or upgraded on your caravan if you plan on being in colder winter weather or severe winter temperature conditions. [Read More]