3 Limitations of Traditional Plumbing Snakes

Some homeowners may think that they can always use a plumbing snake to clear any clogged drains in their homes. Such people may not know the numerous shortcomings associated with using plumbing snakes as opposed to improved blocked drain clearing methods, such as hydro-jetting. This article discusses some of the limitations of traditional plumbing snakes.

More Energy-Consuming

One of the biggest shortcomings of plumbing snakes is that they require the person using them to expend a lot of energy in the process of clearing a clogged drain. First, energy is needed to push the snake into the drain to reach the clog. This energy increases when the drain has curves around which the plumbing snake has to force its way. Additional energy is also needed to force the clog to break up or move from the point at which it was stuck. Modern drain clearing methods, such as using a hydro-jet, aren't as physically taxing because they are automated and use electricity or another form of power to make their way into the clogged drain.

Potentially Hazardous to Pipework

Another big limitation of traditional plumbing snakes is that they put your plumbing system at risk of sustaining additional damage. This damage is particularly possible in the case of older plumbing systems that may have weakened. The force that you use to push the snake into a drain can cause damage a plumbing joint in the drain. Additionally, the snake may twist, and the force you use could cause it to damage the walls of the pipework. Modern methods are less damaging to the pipework because they are designed to safeguard the system. For example, the jet of water from a hydro-jetting system will only attack the sludge and clogs without affecting the pipes.

Root Causes Remain

People who use traditional plumbing snakes to clear a clog may notice that the drain will keep clogging up shortly after it has been cleared. The reason for this recurrence is that the plumbing snake rarely addresses the causes of the blockage. Drains get blocked when sludge coats the interior of pipes. That coating then traps any solids that flow through the system until a total blockage occurs. The snake will remove this clog without removing the sludge. Consequently, another clog will develop shortly after. Modern drain clearing methods produce lasting results because they clear the clog as well as the sludge. A power-rod slices through all the sludge as it makes its way through the drain. Hydro-jets do the same thing. Consequently, it will take much longer for new sludge deposits to block the drain.