Challenges of Point-of-Use Water Heaters

Are you wondering whether you should install several point-of-use hot water heaters instead of one large hot water heater? Read on and discover some of the reasons why it may be unwise to opt for small point-of-use hot water heaters.

Limited Access to Wiring

One of the biggest problems that is likely to surface is access to circuits onto which to connect the point-of-use hot water heaters. For example, you may need one of those devices to be installed in your bathroom. Many bathrooms only have one power outlet that can be used for shavers, hair dryers and other small appliances. Tapping into the wiring of that power outlet may require you to rip off the flooring or wall materials. The bathroom environment is complex because of all the waterproofing that is needed. Accessing the wiring beneath all those materials is therefore likely to be costly.

Insufficient Power Supply

Many of the places where you would like to place point-of-use hot water heaters, such as the bathroom and some parts of the kitchen, have circuits whose amperage is limited. Hot water heaters draw a lot of power when they are working. That is the reason why they usually have a dedicated circuit. Connecting a point-of-use hot water heater to the existing circuits in those places would mean that it would be nearly impossible to use any other appliance on that circuit while the hot water heater is working. The point-of-use hot water heater would therefore be a major cause of inconveniences when other activities are put on hold in order to heat up some water.

Inadequate Water Volumes

Point-of-use hot water heaters normally deliver a limited volume of hot water due to their compactness. You are therefore likely to be disappointed when you discover that the point-of-use heater cannot give you enough water to take a warm bath or shower. You would then need to step up the power supply of the circuit so that the device can heat water quickly enough for you to shower without receiving a jet of cold water on your body.

As you can see, point-of-use hot water heaters have several shortcomings that make them a challenging option to use within a home. However, it is possible to install them in some sections of your home so that they serve as an extra source of hot water for places that may be far from the main hot water heater. Work with an experienced plumber so that the best layout of the hot water system can be designed.