Plumbing Issues to Check Before Buying a Home

Buying property is a significant investment that calls for a complete assessment of the potential purchase to identify any underlying risk. A thorough check of the plumbing system is non-negotiable as it helps you precisely determine whether the property is a viable purchase for you or not. Here are a few issues concerning plumbing you should check to help you make that all-important decision.

1. Leaking Toilets

Leaking toilets are a common plumbing problem that a variety of homeowners don't pay necessary attention to. As you prepare to purchase the house, you need to be sure that the toilets aren't leaking. If they are, you need to ascertain the extent of damage to assess whether the property is still viable for you.

Start by inspecting the base of the toilet for any discolouration. Any signs of warping indicate a toilet leak as well. Assess the floor around the toilet base to see if it is soft or movable when you place any pressure on it. Toilet leaks that go unnoticed for long damage the subfloor around the base. Move the toilet seat physically to ascertain it stays firmly in place.

2. Blocked Drains

Manually checking whether all the water systems work is essential in pinpointing any issues. Flush all the toilets and watch their operation. Let all the tap run for a period of time to identify any blocked drains or dripping after you turn them off. Confirm that sink pipes do not leak when the water is running.

3. Septic Tank Condition

If the home uses a septic tank to handle waste management, you need to accurately ascertain its current state. Request for certified reports from the most recent service executed by a qualified professional. If there is water seeping from the tank to the soil next to it, structural damage to the tank might be a problem.

Call A Qualified Plumber for Inspection

As you carry out your assessment, you also need to hire a professional plumber to carry out an extensive evaluation before you make the purchase. Inspecting the main sewer line is critical to establish if there are any blockages or unidentified damage that may pose a problem later.

Inspecting the plumbing system is key to discovering problematic areas that require attention. Although you can carry out your own inspection for the most basic issues, it is important to engage a professional for a thorough check.