5 Signs You Need to Hire a Plumber for Sewer Line Repair

When you are having plumbing problems, the cause could be a clog in the drain. But if you try various drain cleaning techniques and it still doesn't work, the issue could be severe. This means you need to contact a residential plumbing repair service to repair or replace your sewer line.

So, how do you ensure that your plumbing issues don't become severe? Knowing the signs that your sewer line needs repair is key. This post compiles a list of popular signs that the drain line is damaged and needs to be repaired.


Have you noticed some strange odours coming from the surface, especially when you sit outdoors? This is a clear sign that your sewer line needs repairs. The awful smell may sometimes be in your basement or bathroom, too. In case you're experiencing odours and you haven't found another cause, your sewer line could have a leakage that's causing the odours.


When you see cracks on your walls, ceiling or foundation, this can be a sign that the drain line is broken. In most cases, homeowners assume that the cracks occur when the house is settling. Nonetheless, ignoring the cracks may result in costly damages. Immediately you see some cracks around the building consider asking a professional to inspect your sewer line.

Poor draining

If water isn't draining normally in your sink, toilet or showers, the sewer line could be damaged. Slow drains obviously indicate that there is some kind of plumbing problem in your home, especially if other possibilities have been eliminated. However, the actual issue can only be determined by a plumber once they examine your plumbing system carefully. These experts have the tools that show if the sewer line is blocked or broken.

Pools of water in the yard

Whenever the drain line gets damaged, it'll start leaking. If the leakage is extreme, pools of water will form in the yard and may be invisible. However, since it's wastewater, the foul smell will speak volumes. The pools also attract bugs like mosquitoes, and this will cause more problems for your family. Be sure to repair your sewer line immediately you notice some smelly pools of water in your backyard.

Greener grass patches

If you are seeing some patches of lush green grass in the yard, the sewer line could be damaged. Damaged sewer line usually leaks sewage into the yard, which nourishes the grass making it greener. So, if there are healthier patches of grass in the compound, contact an expert to repair your sewer line.