Are You Making the Most from Your Evaporative Cooler?

Many people choose to buy an evaporative cooler to help save money on electricity bills and deal with that ever-present heat at home. This type of cooler can be a lot more cost-effective than the traditional air conditioning unit, as it uses a natural process of evaporation to help cool the air. However, some people may have been running into some problems and be not quite as happy with their swamp cooler as they were originally. Perhaps they are not using it as effectively as they could. If you find yourself in this situation, here are some tips or tricks you should consider going forward.

Consider Humidity Levels

If you think that your evaporative cooler would be more effective on humid days, then you may be making a big mistake. This type of system is meant to evaporate a fresh water supply to naturally lower the temperature all around it. This cool air is then circulated around the home by a fan, and this will help to make the entire property cooler in the process. A swamp cooler will not work very well if the humidity level is particularly high.

Open a Window

A traditional air conditioning system needs a sealed environment in order to work properly. This means that you need to keep all the doors and windows closed with that approach, but the opposite may be true when it comes to your evaporative cooler. It's better, therefore, to leave a window open to let dry air in and the damper air out. Alternatively, make sure that you have a dehumidifier in place that will help to collect the moisture into a separate water tank while the swamp cooler is running.

Check the Size

Double check the size of your evaporative cooler to make sure that it is adequately configured for the space you're trying to chill. Each one is rated per square metre, so you may have to experiment to get maximum effect.

Prime the System

Always remember to use cold water and to prime the cooling pads before you begin. Once they are wet, they can more easily attract the water, and at this point, you should top off the water reservoir before turning on the fan.

Service Regularly

Remember, this is an appliance and will be fully efficient if you employ regular evaporative cooler servicing. Call in an expert to do this for you and you shouldn't run into any problems in the future.