Why Your Older Home Is Susceptible to Blocked Drains

If your life's goal was to settle down in the suburbs with trees everywhere and a terraced house, then you were probably excited to get the house of your dreams. Old, Victorian houses do present a certain charm that is hard to replicate with modern home designs. Thus, people with a penchant for the old-world charm will lean toward homes that are filled with character. However, these types of houses do come with a specific set of problems.

And one of the most common is issues with the plumbing. The stormwater and sewer systems in these houses are quite dilapidated and unless you had engaged in an extensive plumbing renovation, you might be plagued with a host of plumbing problems such as blocked drains. To help you diagnose and fix these problems, read on for two reasons why your older home is susceptible to blocked drains.


While plumbing pipes are typically installed beneath the ground to protect them from the risk of damage, it does not make the hardware immune to degrading on its own. Over the decades, the earth around the property is bound to shift—typically in the form of settlement. As the foundation of house sinks due to the settlement, the hardware succumbs to the movement. As a result, the pipes start to bow or sag over time.

If the sagging is not diagnosed and the pipes are not fixed, there will be a limited flow of water into the house. Moreover, sediment and other forms of debris could collect in the sagging section of the pipes, which causes major blockages in your drainage system. Thus, if you do not want to have a continuous issue of blocked drains, it is imperative to have the hardware inspected and replaced.

Root ingress

The second reason why your older home, particularly one located in the suburbs, is susceptible to blocked drains is undiagnosed root ingress. Root infiltration is quite a common cause of blocked drains but some homeowners tend to presume that they are not at risk of this issue if the trees seem to be a distance away from the structure. But this is not the case.

Trees, more so matured trees that have been in existence for decades, have vast root networks that re far-reaching. The older the trees, the more established its root network since it needs a great deal of hydration and nutrition to survive. If you do have one or multiple trees on the property, it is best to have your plumber carry out a CCTV inspection of the hardware. These inspections can go a long way in preventing incessant low pressure in your home or, even worse, a sewer burst.

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