Benefits Of Choosing Scroll Compressor Heat Pumps For Swimming Pools

If you are looking for a new heater for your swimming pool, choosing a heat pump over a conventional gas or electric heating system can bring numerous benefits. Heat pumps are reliable, extremely energy efficient, and cost very little to run, even if you have an outdoor pool that requires year-round heating. 

If you are looking for a heat pump for your swimming pool, and you want to take advantages of the latest advances in heat pump technology, a heat pump fitted with a scroll compressor can be a very sound investment. While these heat pumps cost a little more than conventional heat pumps, they have numerous advantages that make them well worth the extra money.

What Are Scroll Compressor Heat Pumps?

Swimming pool heat pumps are filled with heat-transfer fluids, which extract heat from the surrounding air. This liquid is then compressed, raising its temperature even more. The radiant heat emitted by the liquid is then deposited in a heat exchanger, which heats your swimming pool water.

Ordinary heat pumps compress their heat-transfer liquids using reciprocating pistons, similar to those found in your car's engine, but heat pumps fitted with scroll compressors function quite differently. These pumps are fitted with rotating, spiral shaped compressors. As they rotate, the heat-transfer fluids are forced through the tightening spiral until they reach the center, and are subsequently funneled to the heat exchanger.

What Are The Benefits Of Scroll Compressor Heat Pumps?

Increased Heating Power

Scroll compression places significantly more pressure on fluids than piston compression, and the more a heat-transfer fluid is compressed, the hotter it becomes. As a result, scroll compressors can provide significantly more heat than conventional, reciprocating heat pumps, and can rival gas and electric pool heaters when it comes to raw heating power.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Scroll compressors use less energy to achieve higher levels of liquid compression than reciprocating heat pumps, and consequently require very little power to heat your pool. They may cost more upfront, but a scroll compressor heat pump represents an excellent long term investment, and will cost very little to run.

Low energy usage also makes these devices very eco-friendly, and they are ideal for environmentally conscious homeowners. Combining a scroll compressor heat pump with other green pool technologies, such as salt water chlorinators, can help you create the most eco-friendly swimming pool possible.

Mechanical Reliability

Scroll compressor heat pumps also contain less moving parts than reciprocating heat pumps and conventional pool heaters. This makes them very mechanically reliable, and most scroll compressor heat pumps require very little maintenance and upkeep over their long working lives. If they do break down, parts can be replaced quickly and inexpensively by a professional pool heater repair service.