What Should You Do If You've Got Low Water Pressure?

More often than not, you should feel a consistent flow of water whenever you open the tap to wash your hands or take a shower. Yet sometimes things can go wrong, and you may notice that the water does not flow as steadily as it used to. This may be due to a low-pressure problem somewhere, but how can you get to the bottom of it and resume normal service?

General Check

To begin, start with the obvious. Call your neighbour and see if they are experiencing an unusual pressure problem. Alternatively, get in touch with the water authority to see if there are issues in the area.


If you have noticed a sudden deterioration in the pressure of the water through time, then this could be due to a leak that is gradually getting worse. While a leak within your property will typically be evident, of course, pipes will normally flow underground from your boundary to your house. If there is a leak and it's hidden beneath your garden, a plumber will need to investigate using sophisticated camera tools.


Likewise, a gradual deterioration in water pressure could be due to a buildup of scale. This will depend on the quality of your water and whether it is hard or soft. Limescale can build up within your water appliances and restrict the flow of H2O to your tap. If this is the case, you will need to get the scale removed and see if it is possible to install a scale inhibitor where the water enters your property.


If the piping system in and around your property is rather old, corrosion may be the culprit. If so, you may need to have an extensive renovation to replace those pipes and get things back to normal.

Valve Issues

Does your property have a pressure regulating valve? Sometimes these are installed and designed to protect your home from high pressure coming through the mains. In certain circumstances, this could cause damage to pipes and other sensitive heating systems, but if the valve is faulty, it can inhibit the water flow as well.

Bringing in the Experts

Low-pressure problems can be stubbornly difficult to solve and could take up a lot of your time. If you're not getting far with your investigation, bring in an experienced plumber as soon as possible. They will know where to look and will work hard to rectify everything. Look for a plumbing professional in your area.