3 Benefits of Submersible Bore Pumps

If you are shopping for bore pumps, you might be confused about the advantages and disadvantages of a submersible pump compared to a pump that is mounted outside of the bore hole. If you intend to regularly use your bore hole as a water supply, then there are many reasons why a submersible bore pump is the most suitable option. Here are three of the most important benefits of submersible bore pumps.

1. No Need to Prime

Priming a pump means removing air from the pump and replacing it with the liquid that is to be pumped. This process is important to allow a sufficient pressure gradient to be created in order to pump the water.

As submersible bore pumps are installed inside the bore hole and have their suction intake sitting in the water, they are always ready to use without needing to be primed first. On the other hand, if you use an external pump, you will need to prime it every time before you can start to pump water. Submersible bore pumps are therefore much more convenient, especially if you plan to use water from your bore hole frequently.

2. Superior Energy Efficiency

Submersible bore pumps are highly efficient compared to other options. They use a multi-stage design to create a sufficient pressure gradient, which is highly efficient. As a result, using a submersible bore pump could reduce the amount of energy you have to use to pump water from your bore hole.

To get the best energy efficiency possible for your submersible pump, be sure to choose a pump of an appropriate size for your bore hole. Using a pump that is too large or too small is likely to lead to poor performance and low energy efficiency.

3. Can Handle Solids

The majority of submersible bore pumps are designed to handle both liquids and solids without seizing up. If your bore hole contains debris, then this feature is extremely important, as pumps that cannot handle solids are likely to break down while pumping. Once you have pumped the water, you can filter it and clean it to make it suitable for drinking, irrigation, feeding livestock, or any other purpose.

This feature of submersible bore pumps means that they are highly durable and can give you many years of useful service without breaking down or needing repair. As a result, they can be a very good investment.