Common Causes of Constantly Running Toilets

You need to take urgent action if your toilet has been running constantly and causing the toilet bowl to overflow. This article discusses some of the components that you should check to fix the problem. The Flush Valve The flush valve opens to let water through when the flush lever is pulled. This valve then closes once the toilet tank is empty. The flush valve can allow water to continue flowing into the toilet in case its rim is damaged (having a crack, for example). [Read More]

5 Blocked Drain Clearing Ideas for Your Kitchen

You do not have to use hazardous chemicals or spend a fortune on a plumber for blocked drain clearing in your kitchen.  You can clear your kitchen's blocked drains using simple household items that are cheap and not hazardous to the environment. Here are 5 ideas to clear the blocked drains in your kitchen: 1. Use a plunger in your sink.  If you do not have a plunger, purchasing one is not so costly. [Read More]

Diagnosing a Leaking Shower and Preparing for Repairs

A shower is generally prone to damage over time. The constant moisture and flow of water in the space means potential leaks and other forms of damage. If you notice a leaking shower in your home, it is important to diagnose the problem early so you can seek out a plumber for repairs. A leaking shower can cause damage not only to the surrounding floor but also to the ceiling of any underlying rooms and to any nearby fixtures. [Read More]

Tips to Protect Your Sewer Line From Backing Up This Summer

Summer is the one time of the year when there are endless rains and thunderstorms in most parts of the country. When the excessive water gets into the sewer lines through cracks and other openings, the lines might get backed up, leading to the waste getting back into your house. Such waste presents a severe health hazard to the people living in the home. In case you have noticed signs of a backup, such as toilets not flushing correctly, you should call in an emergency plumber immediately to help in fixing the problem. [Read More]